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Local firm to assemble Carowinds coaster

A local construction company will be assembling Carowinds' newest ride.

Charlotte-based Hendrick Construction is building the foundations, line, control station, site paving and amenities for the Carolina Cobra “boomerang” roller coaster, a $4 million project set to open in the spring. That work is expected to be finished in February, at which point Hendrick and Carowinds will assemble and mount the structure, according to a news release.

The site and foundations will be surveyed with GPS technology for maximum precision, and the ride will require 1.6 million pounds of structural concrete and 60,000 pounds of reinforcing steel to support the track and the force of the ride. It will also have concrete caissons that will in some cases extend more than 15 feet underground, compared with about 2 feet for conventional building foundations.