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Union eases rules on car washing

Union County has loosened its water restrictions to allow customers to wash their cars on days other than their assigned irrigation day.

Under restrictions adopted in August, Union's 39,000 water customers could wash their cars one day a week depending on their geographic location. Outdoor use of water was forbidden on Saturdays and Sundays, part of an effort to reduce the peak demand on the county's limited water infrastructure.

Under the change adopted Monday by the county commissioners, customers may now wash their vehicles on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as their assigned irrigation day.

Commissioner Lanny Openshaw said the change was made in response to frustrated customers whose work schedules permitted them to wash their cars only on weekends.

County Manager Al Greene said the change should not adversely affect the water supply because it applies only to car washing.

Details: Union County Public Works, 704-296-4210 or visit