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Discovery Place Kids still on

Huntersville's controversial Discovery Place Kids project is back on track after town commissioner Charles Jeter said Wednesday that he will vote to proceed with it.

Town commissioners plan to vote Oct. 6 on whether the town should back out of the $18.7 million project. Two of the five commissioners have said they would vote to back out, and two have said they would vote to keep the project, making Jeter the swing vote.

Jeter recently held a town-hall style meeting to discuss the project with residents and said Wednesday he determined that moving ahead with it made the most sense.

“I've looked at the exit ramps for this project, and they don't exist without creating more fiscal damage to the town,” Jeter said.

Jeter said the cost to back out would be steep, because it would likely hurt the town's bond rating and could force the town to face legal action.

Dozens of residents came out for last week's meeting, and most favored the project. Jeter said the e-mails he received about it were mixed but said he has done enough research and won't change his mind.

“I can't worry about whether people like me or whether I will get re-elected,” he said. “My job is to make the best decision for the town of Huntersville.”