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Let ex-lover keep cats; get new pet for yourself

Dear Amy: My live-in girlfriend of two years dumped me a couple of weeks ago, saying that she had never loved me.

I haven't been doing well. We had two cats, one that I had adopted and one that we adopted together. I finally found an apartment. I had been under the impression that I would be taking both cats with me. The two cats are very close, and I've always been the primary caretaker for them.

When I went to the apartment to pack, my ex told me that she wouldn't let me take both cats.

I was furious and upset. I cried and screamed, and my anger really scared me.

I am still in love with her, and I don't want to do anything that I know will cause me to lose her forever. But I'm also horrified at giving up my cat. Now I'm incredibly sad and lonely.

Should I give up?


Dear Lonely: Your ex sounds like a prize jerk who is holding your cats hostage while she emotionally blackmails you.

It might help you to move on.

In terms of the cat you acquired together, you could take your ex to court and make a claim for custody – even though doing this would prolong this drama, which I don't think is a good idea for you.

Splitting up this feline pair is also probably not a good idea, but you should visit the cats to let them see you and curl around your ankles.

Head to your local shelter to find a new pet. Visit a shelter a few times to spend time with and play with all the cats. You might also consider volunteering at a shelter – homeless kitties need food and affection at all hours.