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Kannapolis student arrested with gun

An A.L. Brown High School student was charged Monday with various drug and weapons counts after police found a gun, a knife and alcohol and marijuana in the student's car on campus, authorities said.

Police said Kenneth Eugene McDaniel III, 17, of Hunter Ridge Lane in Kannapolis, was charged with possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana; possession of a firearm on school property; possession of a weapon (knife) on school property; underage possession of an alcoholic beverage; possession of a stolen firearm; and maintaining a vehicle to store, sell or use controlled substances.

McDaniel has been suspended from school. Under state law, he faces an automatic 365-day suspension for bringing a gun onto school grounds.

A.L. Brown Principal Debra Morris also has recommended that McDaniel be expelled from the school system, school officials said. Morris sent a letter to all parents informing them about the incident. She said the school is committed to providing a safe environment at A.L. Brown.

A drug-sniffing dog turned up a small amount of marijuana. Police also found an unloaded gun, a knife and alcohol inside the car, Kannapolis school officials said. They said there was no evidence McDaniel intended to use the weapons at school, and no evidence he had been selling marijuana on school property.