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Baggy jeans still hangin' around?

There's an old-but-possibly-new-again denim style making a comeback: the boyfriend jeans. Yes, the slouchy, roomy-in-the-crotch jeans that were aptly named because they look like a pair you pulled on from, well, your boyfriend's closet.

You can blame celebrities like Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham and Heidi Klum for this recent reincarnation of the baggy denim look. Holmes, in particular, has been photographed multiple times this month wearing loose-fitting jeans (reportedly belonging to husband Tom Cruise), often rolled up, with dainty flats or even with sexy gladiator heels.

The tabloid photos have been posted on various gossip and fashion blogs, where women have mostly been decrying the saggy silhouette.

The trend hasn't quite caught on yet.

“We had a couple of requests for the boyfriend or baggy jeans in the last week or so,” said Jacob Patti, assistant manager at The Closet in Costa Mesa, Calif. “It will slowly happen here probably.”

Kimberly Wilson, 24, of Lake Forest, Ill., isn't quite so sure. “I think only certain people can pull that off. I would just look homeless wearing them,” she said.

Most Orange County boutiques report that bootcut jeans remain big sellers, as well as skinny jeans.

As a compromise between the baggy and skinny shapes, denim brand Diesel introduced two new pairs of boyfriend jeans that have slouchy waists and roomy crotches, but a slim tapered leg.