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How to stop forwarded messages?

Dear Amy: Without insulting my friends, how do I get them to stop sending me these mindless jokes and political statements that have been forwarded to hundreds of people before they reach me?

I resent having my e-mail address added to the mix as others continue to send the messages.

I think it's important to keep in touch with friends, but many seem to only know how to forward e-mail as their way of communicating.

I have been told that scam artists use these huge lists of addresses as contact sources. By cutting and pasting, the lists can be eliminated, but few know this trick.

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Tired of Forwards

Dear Tired: The best you can do is to make a simple statement to the worst offenders and hope that they understand and respect your wishes. You can say, “I appreciate you being in touch but want you to know that I don't read forwarded messages, so I hope you won't send them in the future. I'm concerned about viruses, etc., and so I routinely delete any messages that have been forwarded to me.''

Think of forwards as unsolicited junk mail that you toss in the recycle bin. Simply press, “delete.''