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Our family just says no to kitchen table talk

Well, the election's over and we have a new president. And I am going to miss everything about election coverage – the networks going head to head, the parties going toe to toe, races that are neck and neck, and no one seeing eye to eye.

But what I won't miss is any sound bite that has “sitting around the kitchen table” in it.

This whole year, that phrase has been a burr in my saddle. I guess, because it makes me feel like I should be doing it. That we should sit down at the table, discuss issues and conference on life. But we don't do it. We can't do it. Because our kitchen table is sticky.

Kitchen table issues? OK, here's one for ya. Someone needs milk, somebody won't drink their milk. Somebody spills their milk, I'm cleaning up the milk, then we're out of milk. Who's going to go out and get the milk? That's what's at issue at our table.

The idea that my husband and I would sit at it after we put the kids to bed is ludicrous. That would be like returning to the scene of the crime – reliving the events of an hour ago when the blessing was sung in four different keys, the asparagus was deemed mushy, and the “secret hamburger” was revealed to be pot roast.

We can't go back there.

Joe Biden started this whole kitchen table thing because his kids are grown. His kitchen table truly is a place to gather and discuss. I think I read somewhere he told his family at the table that he was asked to be the VP nominee. That right there tells me our tables aren't out of the same catalog, because the biggest announcement I've ever made at the table was that all the forks are dirty so we have to use spoons.

But I don't think we'll be hearing much more table talk, now that Obama is president. He's in the same boat as me with two girls age 10 and 7. That kitchen table is the stage for high drama and no way is he going to let that show.

Besides, I don't even think there's a table to sit at in the kitchen at the White House. At least there wasn't on “The West Wing.” Although I did see Martin Sheen and Alan Alda eat a bunch of ice cream on a stainless steel counter in one episode. But they didn't talk about how they're gonna pay their bills.

But OK, it's a new day, a new regime, a new administration. Maybe time to get on board and experience real change. So I tell my family we're going to sit around the kitchen table and we're going to discuss the effects of the economy on our family, and we're going to debate the issues of the day.

“Can't we just go to McDonald's?” my son whines.

Let's hope Barack Obama and Joe Biden have better luck.