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You, too, can be a walking work of art

Fashion designer Lore Emelio is a fixture on Charlotte's cultural scene. A Charlotte Symphony board member, she also regularly attends gallery openings, theater productions, the opera and N.C. Dance Theatre performances.

She shared her thoughts on classic looks men and women can wear to arts events, and how to take them up a notch if you're more fashion forward.

"What you wear has an impact on the experience of everyone around you," she says. "We're all our own walking works of art. We can be good art, or we can be bad art."

She likes to tailor her outfits to fit the mood of the event she's attending. For art exhibits, since she'll be viewing handmade works, she likes to wear items that have details that look handcrafted.

"Remade items are big right now, so you can take something you already own and add a pin to make it look custom," she says.

A classic look for men would be neutral-colored corduroy pants and a tie in a casual fabric such as moleskin. For women, jeans or a denim knee-length skirt worn with a hat to stand out in the crowd. To look more stylish, she suggests adding a pop of blue-red - her favorite color on men and women this fall.

For theater and dance, which are expressive art forms, she likes to use black as her base, but express herself through color.

A fan of hats, she doesn't consider them appropriate for these performances. Instead, she wears a headband with embellishments.

On men, she thinks it's the tie that makes their look. Go for a skinny tie if that proportion works on you. If you're feeling more daring, she recommends a vest tie, which is a short, wide tie that can be worn with or without a vest.

The opera and the symphony is the time to go for a more opulent look.

"Get out your feathers, furs and crystals and enjoy wearing them," she says.

Take your little black dress and add a fur shrug (real or faux), or put your hair up in an informal bun and add hair pins with feathers.

For men, it's all about the tie. "That's the main accessory for men and a conversation starter," she says. "No one will ever comment on your belt, but they will notice your tie."

She suggests ties in interesting textures such as satin or velvet, or unique colors including pink.