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I’m so cheap is now … I’m so clever

We had so much fun with “I’m So Cheap” this spring that we’re bringing it back with a rich new approach.

The weekly Home section feature ran smart, wacky, money-saving tips from readers. After we announced it was going on vacation for the summer, many of you asked us to bring it back.

And so, it returns in two weeks, but with a new name and fresh focus.

Why the change? Some of you objected to calling it “cheap,” because it sounded negative. Others pointed out they were just trying to be frugal, or were working hard to be “green.”

Watch for “I’m So Clever” on Sept. 11. Send us your cool little tricks, simple household repairs, organizing tips, and of course, el-cheapo budget moves. Oh, and reader Mindy Kirshbaum of Charlotte gets credit for the clever idea.

Each week, the winner receives a $25 gift card, courtesy of Food Lion.

Roland Wilkerson

How to Enter

E-mail; or I’m So Clever, The Observer, PO Box 30308, Charlotte, NC, 28230-0308. Include your name and mailing address.