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What the critics say about Lady Gaga

"Outfits included a purple animal-print body suit paired with a jacket with padded shoulders; a plastic see-through dress; a red cloak; a spiky ice-queen dress with translucent wings; a puffy, sea-green dress with cubes; and a get-up made entirely of blond hair.... How she changed so fast from each complicated outfit to the next is a mystery." Marian Liu, Seattle Times

"The sound of Gaga's exertion kept things real, on a gut level, despite the many fantastical outfits, elaborate sets and dreamlike films... It reminded the audience that this self-created freak deity is also a woman working hard, testing the limits of her 24-year-old body." Ann Powers, Los Angeles Times

"Her passion for equal rights was genuine and heartfelt (she even seemed on the verge of tears a couple of times), but she brought it up after every other song. The whole spiel got a little heavy-handed and repetitive, which slowed the momentum. Otherwise, it was one heck of a show." Sam Sessa, Baltimore Sun