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Friends honor Ronni Eddy

Freelance writer Katya Lezin wrote a story about Ronni Eddy's monthly gathering of friends and her fight with lung cancer in the South Charlotte News Ballantyne edition on Oct. 21. Eddy died at her home on Nov. 3. A memorial service was held Nov. 13 at Forest Hill Church on Park Road.

Her friends do not think it's a coincidence that Eddy died on the first Wednesday of the month, the day of the monthly lunches that Eddy had coordinated and enjoyed prior to her diagnosis. Her lunch buddies will continue their monthly gathering and will begin each one with shared memories of their friend.

Janet Decillis says that Eddy's "kindness, sense of humor, strength, strong moral compass, intelligence, positive attitude and love will all live on in her beautiful daughters, Allison and Brynne."