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Personal trainer inspires workouts

Johnny Pasquarello, 26, is a personal trainer at the Extreme Fitness center at the Extreme Ice Center (XIC) building in Indian Trail.

He starts each morning at 5 a.m., conducting one-on-one training sessions followed by boot camp and kickboxing group fitness classes.

For some clients, Pasquarello - a graduate of Wingate University who has a bachelor's degree in athletic training and a minor in sports psychology - is more than just your average trainer.

In one year, Pasquarello transformed Bryson Rogers' shoulder injury and now is working with Bryson's sister, Jessica, to reach her weight-management goals.

Rogers, 19, enjoyed auto racing, baseball and snowboarding before injuring his right shoulder during a snowboarding accident. An MRI revealed he had torn soft tissue in the shoulder. Surgery to repair the injury was successful, but doctors warned Rogers the damage to his shoulder was so severe he would no longer be able to play sports, or even be strong enough to shift a car.

Rogers tried physical therapy but received little encouragement. In addition, his inactivity while recuperating had taken its toll not only on his strength but led to unhealthy weight gain.

Rogers met Pasquarello through some mutual friends and told him about his injury. Rogers never expected to get back to where he was prior to the surgery; he just wanted to lose some weight and work off some stress.

Pasquarello said he felt confident he could do more for Rogers and started him on a training and diet plan.

"Johnny was more than just a fitness coach, he was like an inspirational advisor to me," said Rogers. "He wouldn't let me give up.

"Sometimes I would get so discouraged, but Johnny would encourage me to take my frustration to the treadmill, or some other part of the workout."

One year later, Rogers has lost 65 pounds, gained back strength in his shoulder and even felt strong enough to participate in the Susan G. Komen 5K Walk for a Cure, where he was one of the fastest runners for the XIC team.

Roger's sister, Jessica, has been working with Pasquarello for just under a year and has lost 60 pounds. Jessica says she feels confident she can meet her weight-management goals, and she credits Pasquarello's training program for her success.

Pasquarello said he got into personal training because he has always had a passion for group sports, and he gets a lot of personal satisfaction from sharing his knowledge to help clients build confidence and exceed their expectations.

"I couldn't see myself in any other career. Helping others to be successful is the best part of what I do," said Pasquarello.