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Labyrinth opens path to creativity

Local artist, Catherine Anderson, surrounds herself in a world of imagination, creativity and giving.

She draws people in with a soothing voice that welcomes you into her world, which bursts with the newness of discovery, insights, color, patterns and words.

Anderson, 50, moved to south Charlotte from South Africa and settled in Providence Forest with her family to make a better life for her children. She and her husband, Paul, found a home that sits on almost an acre and lies adjacent to a path that leads into a forest of trees.

Anderson welcomes you into her world and her labyrinth pulls you into pathways with opportunities for mind, spirit and creative discoveries.

Anderson has had lots of goals: build a labyrinth and develop workshops that inspire.

Anderson believes everyone has a creative spirit. She helps you find your pathway.

Take a walk on the labyrinth that she and her husband Tom built about three years ago. The labyrinth was patterned after the medieval labyrinth design found at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres in Chartres, France.

White stones laid in trenches between sections of grass define the 30-foot diameter labyrinth in Anderson's backyard.

"Walking the labyrinth is a metaphor for the journey of life," said Anderson. "When you walk you are never quite sure where you are on your journey, and you have to just trust that if you put one foot in front of the other you will get where you need to be."

She offers many workshops in her organized studio that has boxes filled with items and images to stir one's imagination.

"Taking a class with Catherine is like a breath of fresh air - you leave with the art you have created plus the inspiration to continue the flow of ideas," said Dottie Moore, a student.

Hundreds of books line one huge make-shift wall. Her photos hang on walls and photo images fill her books. Jars are filled with objects to be used in future projects. Rows of hanging ribbons line a section of a wall. Long wooden tables invite you over to create. This past year, she wrote, "The Creative Photographer," a book that will be published in late spring by Lark Books.

She sometimes uses the walking of the labyrinth as a daily meditation or as a way to find a new artistic direction.

"Walking a labyrinth is a kinesthetic meditation," she said.