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Confessions of a Budget Shopaholic

Since I was raised in the Midwest, I was more than thrilled about 10 years ago when I decided to move to a city brimming with opportunity and fantastic weather. (Well, I suppose right now the ‘nice weather’ bragging rights are in question but we mustn’t argue with the overall charm of Charlotte and surrounding areas.)

Did I mention the shopping? Yes, the shopping here and the budget fashion options! A dream come true for this particular gal. There are so many fabulous shopping spots in and around Charlotte but I must say that Concord Mills is at the top of my list-and the closest to my home! No matter what your budget, you can save money if you shop there and that, my friends, is what I am all about.

I love outlet stores (Concord Mills just opened a Michael Kors outlet!), thrift stores (FROCKShop is a must) and discount department stores (TJMaxx is my best friend).

When I am shopping online or in stores, I can’t quite steer away from clearance. I can’t remember the last time I paid full price for any one article of clothing and you should see how many items I’ve picked up at Nordstrom for under $25!

In college, I was the local Salvation Army guru. Apparently I became known- by visitors to the coffee house I worked in- as the “girl who wears the coolest clothes”. Sometimes even I with my ‘clothes envy’, who would have given anything to drop hundreds at a time on my wardrobe, amazed myself with somehow fashionable ‘$50 and under’ outfits.

“Necessity is the mother of all invention.”-a very wise person

After studying piano, working in restaurant, retail and various other ventures, I am now a writer; although I suppose I have almost always been a writer. There are boxes with folders and notebooks full of pen ramblings that I have accumulated over the years, now resting in peace (or is it pieces?) on a shelf out in the garage.

In addition to Frugal Fashion-elle, I write on about local events, businesses and so on. You can follow me on Twitter (@kakwooten), or on Facebook (Katie Wooten). Most recently, I also became administrator for Locally Owned Charlotte so if you want to support local businesses, stop by the page on Facebook and check it out.

I am super excited for this opportunity to write for and look forward to sharing my thoughts, opinions and experiences about budget fashion!

Katie's photos: and Tracy Ayers. Stylist: Candace Kulaii. Clothing: Apricot Lane Boutique, Birkdale.