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UCity resident inspires others

Presbyterian Cancer Center gives patients many reasons to be inspired with its third annual calendar that allows 12 cancer survivors to tell their stories. While the calendars are free to those impacted by cancer, donations are appreciated to aid Buddy Kemp Cancer Support Center. Visit the center at 242 Colonial Ave., or call 704-384-5223 for more information. Meet Morris Nicholson, a University City resident, Virgin Islands transplant, and prostate cancer survivor who is featured in this year’s calendar:

Where do you find support and strength in your own life?I find support from my wife, my children, and my grandchildren. They have always supported me, they support me now, and each of the survivors helps to support each other. Talking about our problems and our progress helps so much.

What are the things you enjoy doing every day?I play golf (but not every day!), I play table tennis with my grandkids, and I play basketball with them. I like fishing; I always had a boat in the Virgin Islands. I go back there twice a year, in January and then in the summer with my grandchildren.

What have you learned from this journey?I think that getting yourself in good health is so important. I’ve changed my eating habits, and I exercise a lot. Keeping yourself healthy is the most important part of staying around, and that’s what I’m trying to do.