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Living by resolutions -- Yes or No?

Happy New Year to everyone!

Well, we all made it into the New Year. I can’t believe 2010 is gone and 2011 is really here.

Has anyone made resolutions for this year? Do you ever make them? And if you do, do you keep them? If so, how long do you keep them? One week, one month or do you make the full year?

I have stopped making them as I have never been disciplined enough to plan accordingly to carry one all the way through the year. So, I no longer give my resolutions a voice.

I guess I have never really been much of a consistent planner. I’m more of a loose-based planner. What is that you say? It’s when you plan loosely for short term periods and you are typically more reactive than proactive. However, it has worked for Clark Enterprises for the last couple of years, sometimes more successful than others. So as the kids get older and get busier with school and activities, my planning and coping skills have been tested, tried, pulled and strengthened. So, I have had to find methods that help me in these areas. One resource that I have found is FlyLady.

Who is FlyLady? Here’s how I found her -- I Googled “I need help with organizing my house and life!” and this is what popped up!”So you think FlyLady can help you organize your house and your life? Maybe she can help you declutter your house? Set up your routines? Well, FlyLady and Kelly are real people. We are "She’s". We are not perfect, but we have learned to get our own homes and lives in order and most importantly, we have been where you are now. Welcome to!” So after I stopped jumping up and down! I got busy! She has some really great tips that are common sense based and easy to follow. If I can do it so can you!

Now if I can just take a step back for a minute and figure out what my need to do’s are and my want to do’s are I would be able to map out what my perfect week would look like. That’s funny to me as there is NO such thing as perfect!

Side barmy husband is AWESOME. We were talking about this very thing one day in early December and he went to the store and purchased a dry erase board calendar. He then proceeded to fill in important dates, activities, etc. He was and is willing to pitch in and help Clark Enterprises have a successful, fun, and low stressed 2011.

Hope your New Year is off to as great a start as Team Clark's is! So, do you think this is a resolution? Not only have I given a voice to it, but I have told oh I don’t know how many readersjust a few! Oh well! Happy New Year Resolutions to you!