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R.I.P. to the term “Senior Citizen”Hello “Active Adults!”

Today I wanted to officially put to rest a demographic descriptor that has long since outdated its usefulness. Join with me in officially putting an end to the term “senior citizen,” and welcoming the use of the more appropriate descriptor of “Active Adults.” While for governmental identification purposes being denoted as a senior citizen implies that one has now reached a point of elder statesman/stateswoman hood, and thus are now in the declining phase of a rich and vibrant life. However, I have witnessed the amazing transformation that occurs when a person transitions from the realm of working-class adult to the supposed twilight of life. Long gone is the image of our community’s elderly adopting a sedentary life of solitude in which they just focus their attentions to watching the grandkids grow up and rocking away the waning years of life. No, today’s senior citizens are enriching themselves by becoming engaged in a wealth of recreational and leisure pursuits. Activities such as line dancing, bridge socials, travel clubs, fitness class and cultural arts exploration have seen amazing growth as today’s active adults seek out opportunities to fill their personal calendars. As more and more “baby-boomers” enter into this phase of life the need for increasing suitable recreation programming becomes even more critical, and Mallard Creek Recreation Center (located at 2530 Johnston-Oehler Road) steps forward to answer this call. At any given time, Mallard can be found to offer a wealth of diverse senior programming. Ms. Caroline Carver, a recreation specialist, is the catalyst behind giving these “activity adults” what they are looking for -- whether an exciting excursion along the Blue Ridge Parkway, catching a show down at Spirit Square or hiking Crowder’s Mountain. If you are an active adult looking for a new and exciting challenge, please give Ms. Carver a call at 704-548-8234.