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Let it snow? No!

Did everyone survive the SNOW STORM of the century? I cannot believe that there is still snow and ice on my neighbor’s lawn 7 days after the snowfall? Mother Nature also decided to add a beautiful thick layer of ice on top of it, which made all of us Midwesterners feel right at home! Although school would have never closed for 3 ½ days for this amount of snow and ice. This type of weather here is literally a once in a lifetime occurrence. The weatherman stated the last time we had a white Christmas was in 1800 and something. Wow!

I thought one of the perks of moving to Charlotte was that if we did get snow, it melted the next day by noon. Even though the whole city shuts down. Well the kids loved it anyway!

My friends back home are laughing at me because normally this time of the year in Charlotte we are about 10 degrees higher in temperature than they are, but not now. They also cannot believe that our school system does not build snow days into the school schedule. When I mentioned that the kids have to go to school on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, they just could not believe it.

Which leads me to askwas it right or wrong to make the kids go to school on this U.S. Federal holiday? I see no problem in the kids going to school on this holiday as Dr. King was such an advocate of education.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his accomplishments please visit the MLK link on Wikipedia.

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Shelly R. Clark