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Look nifty while being thrifty

The other day, I Googled ‘thrift store Concord NC’. Two thrift stores showed up. The rest were pawnshops and consignment stores. Hmmm. Are we confused as to what a thrift store is and represents?Clarification: Thrift store (charity shop): ”retail establishment operated by a charitable organization for the purpose of fundraising.” -Wikipedia

Concerning the popularity of charity shops; “(these) are often popular with people who are frugal.” Bingo! That’s me!

In this area, we have Goodwill (UCity, Kannapolis and Poplar Tent) and Salvation Army (Concord and Kannapolis). These are two terrific charities that not only sell BARGAINS, but also run some amazing programs.

Goodwill helps people find jobs and offers job training. Salvation Army has several great programs such as combating human trafficking, disaster relief and missing persons. Whether you buy or donate thrift, you are stepping outside of you and helping others.

I have always loved thrift stores, even before I understood they have greater substance than awesomely low prices and killer bargains. Salvation Army was literally my ‘salvation’ during collegeone time I bought a beautiful petal-colored chiffon gown (it was a designer, I can’t remember who) for a piano recital-$8.00! Sigh. Just now I am questioning why I didn’t keep it.

PROS of shopping thrift: SUPER low prices—i.e. the $8.00 designer gown Unique finds Green, eco-friendly and charitable

CONS of shopping thrift: Mostly run by volunteers so don’t expect anyone to care that two ladies have taken up the only two fitting rooms for the past hour and you only want to try on one item, organization, discounts for defective merchandise or for a second register to be opened for you because you are running late for work and the customer in front of you is trying to haggle the price on a .99 belt-they apparently don’t understand the American concept of ‘price as marked’. The clothing is not handpicked so it can take time to find those high-quality, barely worn or brand new bargains.

TIPS for shopping thrift: Each thrift store is uniquetheir selection often is a reflection on nearby neighborhoods. (Or is it the other way around?) Either way, check out the ‘nifty thrifties’ closest to you and find the shop that best suits your style. Research shows that chances of contracting something (by something, I mean disease) from used clothing are slim to none. However, for peace of mind, wash your new finds in the warmest water possible or take them to the cleaners before wearing. Better safe than sorry, right?