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"Great stuff. Cheap.": bargains galore at Ollie's

A recent national shopping poll found that 76% of women consider themselves to be bargain hunters.

“I’m such a sucker for a bargain, especially when I have a coupon or there’s a sale for 50 percent off. According to ShopSmart’s poll, many of us are helpless against a great deal, and retailers know this. However, there are so many new opportunities these days to shop smarter, and if you play the game right, you can save really big.”-Lisa Lee Freeman, editor-in-chief of ShopSmart.

Some of the women, who are what a blogger recently dubbed as a ‘Frugalista Mom’, bargain shop simply for the thrill of the hunt and for a sense of accomplishment. Others are frugal out of necessity.

The poll states that 90% of the survey respondents like to share the news of their bargains with others; which is what I am getting ready to do!

I have found the most amazing bargain outlet but have not found it appropriate to share with my fellow fashionistas until recently.

Ollie’s, not to be confused with Aldi, (also a must-have for the list of a Fugalista Mom or any other bargain hound), is located beside Walmart on Highway 29.

Their slogan is “Great Stuff. Cheap.” They don’t lie! I have spent hours in Ollie’s, walked out with a cart full, and no buyer’s remorse.

Recent Ollie’s purchases of mine have included a large bucket of Tide Stain Release for $5.99, FRESH body wash for 1/3 of the original cost and, hidden in a box behind a hodgepodge of junk, a tube of Yves St Laurent Complexion Enhancer for *gasp* $2.99!!

The employees no longer come up to me every few minutes to offer help because I have been in their store for HOURS. I suppose they want to be careful not to scare me off.I have been established as a regular; they know I will find my own bargains and probably will not leave without a purchase.

So, the point I want to get to is that this fabulous bargain outlet is expanding to sell more clothing and all I can say is, “Watch out, TJ Maxx!”

For some time they have sold Eddie Bauer Sweaters and denim for men, Circo tights for little girls and socks galore. However, my last few visits have revealed an expanded section and the addition of women’s clothing! I bought the coolest top (New York and Co, originally $50 for $10) and have dubbed it my ‘dirty little secret’ because of the strange look I get when I answer the people who compliment the shirt and ask where I got it.

Bottom line, if you have never been to Ollie’s, you MUST go. And now that they are expanding their clothing selections..we have an addition to our Frugal Fashion list of stores!