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Ahoy, matey! Take our nautical quiz

Even though Sullivan's lyrics have helped Gilbert-and-Sullivan songs become classics, the English language has evolved over the generations. And Americans aren't necessarily up on British slang and sailing terms. So, as a warm-up for "Pinafore," here's a quiz on some of the verbiage from "Pinafore." Answers are in the information box on page 12.

1. Rum-soaked chewing tobacco

A. Grog

2. British sailor

B. Highblows

3. Wooden ship that carries merchandise from port to a ship for sale

C. Turbot

4. Sturdy work shoes extending above the ankle

D. Tar

5. A marksman located on a platform partway up a mast

E. Pinafore

6. A kind of flat fish

F. Boatswain

7. A girl's washable apron or bib worn over a dress to protect it, pinned in front

G. Jacky

8. A warrant officer in charge of anchors, rigging, sails, etc.

H. Hornpipe

9. A mixture of rum and water

I. Bumboat

10. A sailors' dance

J. Topman

Quiz answers: 1, G; 2, D; 3, I; 4, B; 5, J; 6, C; 7, E; 8, F; 9, A; 10, H.