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Snapshot: David Bowles

From economic crisis to looming threats to our environment, the world’s future is looking a bit uncertain. David Bowles is one person who is investing in making that future a little brighter. David Bowles is the owner of Environmental Services of Charlotte, Inc. and EMCI, which provide commercial heating, air conditioning, electrical, cabling and automated building controls services. Bowles is also the owner of Environmental Way – a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient office building that houses Environmental Services and EMCI. Bowles’s businesses strive to make more energy-efficient commercial buildings all around the city of Charlotte. The Environmental Way building is a prime example of how much “greener” commercial buildings can be with the help of Bowles’s services. “With the ever-rising price of energy, it has become the responsibility of everyone to do their part to reduce the waste,” says Bowles. Bowles, however, isn’t all about business. He hopes to reach the community in other ways. Community gardening is part of his overall vision for the Environmental Way building. Their goal is to have community garden spots available to those who lease space in the building. They also host a spring festival called the “Green Goats and Gardens Community Festival.” The festival invites farmers and provides demonstrations on how to start your own garden. Environmental Way has even teamed up with the Boy Scouts of America and the Eagle Scouts for a community project. Bowles is bridging the gap and bringing the commercial community environmentally friendly, energy-efficient services for their buildings. Bowles finds reward in all of his hard work. “It makes all of us feel proud that we are not only repairing machines but we are doing our part to make our country a better place in which to live.”For more information, visit or