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JWU student says he was robbed

Months after a string of robberies of students near Johnson & Wales University, police are investigating another robbery near the uptown campus this week.

Earlier this year, the university beefed up security and told students to walk in groups after dark after three armed robberies of students were reported around the campus within 10 days in April.

Just before 5 p.m. Sunday, a student was walking near the corner of Trade and Cedar streets when a suspect struck him in the head with a glass bottle from behind, according to a crime alert posted on the university's website.

The suspect fled after he took money from the student, officials said. The student described the suspect as a Hispanic male who wore a white T-shirt with a flag on it.

In one of the April cases, three armed men instructed two students to lie on the ground before they robbed them. Then a female student was robbed when a man with a gun demanded her purse after he stepped from behind bushes along West Trade Street. Days later, a man shoved a gun into another student's stomach and demanded money. The victim gave the suspect his cellphone instead.

In response to the robberies, the university said it would assign a full-time officer to watch over the campus all night.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police and campus security are investigating the incident. No arrests have been made.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Capt. Jeff Estes said Sunday's incident was the first robbery of a student in the area since April.

Police increased their patrols around the campus months ago, and they've continued making their rounds in the area, Estes said.

"It's an issue, particularly if you're a parent with a student there," Estes said. "We're vigilant and working the case really hard."