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Make your sandwich your own way at Which Wich

Interactive restaurants (where part of the dining experience depends on the customer) can be intimidating - especially when you're unaware you'll have a role to play. But I've found that once you embrace the concepts, these restaurants are a great way to let your inner Emeril shine forth.

Which brings me to Which Wich. Located off Woodlawn and Park roads, this sandwich shop provides 50 sandwich varieties to customize with far more than lettuce and tomato. And once I got over that initial "What-in-the- world-am-I-supposed-to-do?" feeling, I could appreciate the concept.

I thought the cashier befriended me because I had a deer-in-the-headlights look. As it turns out, Which Wich has someone on alert to help newbies like myself through the ordering process. Here's the rundown on how Which Wich works:

When you walk through the door, on your right is a wall covered with slots filled with skinny brown paper bags. Each slot holds a different category of sandwich (turkey, seafood, Italian, etc.), and there are five sandwiches in each category.

Each bag has a preprinted menu. You're supposed to take one of the red markers provided and bubble in how you want your sandwich prepared. Among the choices: bread type; to toast or not toast the sandwich; sandwich size (7-14 inches); cheeses; veggies; onion type.

Once you're done filling in the bubbles, fill in your name at the bottom of the bag. Give your bag to the employee at the counter, pay and five or so minutes later the kitchen staff calls you to pick up your culinary masterpiece. Even though I created the sandwich, it would be wrong for me to accept all the credit.

For instance, I loved the way Which Wich diced the bacon for the club sandwich. Also, I would definitely suggest adding some caramelized onions and horseradish to the sandwich.

The Muffuletta was good, even though the olive salad didn't have that assertive bite I expected. You might want to select something zesty to pump up the flavor. Which Wich's pesto would be a good choice

I added that pesto to The Wicked (Get it. The Wicked...wich. I missed it the first time, too.). The pesto was a perfect fit with the toasted wheat bread. Incidentally, The Wicked costs $1-$2 extra because it has five meats (turkey, ham, roast beef, pepperoni and bacon) and three cheeses (you pick these).

I tried the Oreo milkshake and I am happy to report that the Oreos were crushed just enough to allow them to travel up the straw.

The concept for Which Wich came from Jeff Sinelli, the former CEO of The Genghis Grill - another interactive restaurant.

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