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Madonna's lifelong tour de couture

Who else could deliver a halftime show during Sunday’s Super Bowl that had more viewers than the actual game?

In 5-inch heels and wearing haute couture by Givenchy?

At 53?

As much as I adore them, I’d like to see Bono or Bruce do that.

Did you know that Vogue and Anna Wintour didn’t mind at all that she used the magazine’s logo? Who else could get away with that?

Longtime Madonna fans – and yes, I am one – are not surprised in the least by the Queen of Pop. Her challengers have amused us, even entertained us. But none has snagged the crown.

Not Britney, not Christina, not Gwen, not Pink, not Robyn, not Rihanna, and definitely, not Ke$ha. Nikki Minaj and M.I.A barely held their own on the Super Bowl stage. And while the one that everyone went ga-ga over is a good imitation, she’s no match for her Madgesty.

Riding that publicity wave, Madonna announced a world tour that finally includes a Charlotte stop. She’s here on Nov. 15 at Time Warner Cable Arena. Tickets go on sale March 15. (And no, I don’t have a secret connection.)

The big question after you get tickets: What will you wear? Just an idea, but why not go as your favorite Madonna? After all, she is the modern-day mother of style reinvention.

Even if you don’t get tickets, you may want to go by the arena to watch the show before the show.

The many Madonnas

1980s early: Thrift store wardrobe (“Desperately Seeking Susan”); mid: Material Girl.

1990s early: Blonde Ambition conical bras and underwear as outerwear (John Paul Gaultier); bondage attire and gender-bending; sex book publishes.

1990s mid: Channeling Eva Peron.

1990s late: Re-emerges as Goth, then “Ray of Light.”

2000s early: American Pie (kinda cowgirl).

2000s mid: Lady of Manor.

2000s late: Tailored.