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Truck driver charged after 4-vehicle wreck on I-485

Ten people were injured when the driver of a tractor-trailer plowed into slowed traffic Saturday afternoon on Interstate 485 in northwest Charlotte, authorities said.

During the crash, the tractor-trailer ran up on top of one car's rear, where an infant was strapped inside. The child was pinned in the car but was not hurt, authorities said.

Even before the crash, traffic was backed up along I-485 near Moores Chapel Road for much of the afternoon as many people made their way toward the U.S. Whitewater Center for St. Patrick's Day festivities there.

The driver of the tractor-trailer told authorities he looked down, not realizing traffic had slowed in front of him, according to the N.C. Highway Patrol. He struck one vehicle, ran atop another car and then struck a third vehicle, authorities said.

Inside the second car, an infant in the backseat had to be freed by rescue crews, the Highway Patrol said. But the child, who authorities said was properly restrained, was completely unharmed.

Ten people in the three cars were taken to Carolinas Medical Center and Presbyterian Hospital. The Highway Patrol described their injuries as not life threatening.

Authorities charged the tractor-trailer driver, Kevin Walker, with reckless driving. He was not hurt.

The wreck caused delays for hours as police diverted traffic around the area to Interstate 85.

Some people trying to get the Whitewater Center tweeted while stuck in traffic, saying they'd seen firetrucks, ambulances and police rushing to the crash.

"If you're going to the USNWC take the back way in," one person tweeted.