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Atwitter about the Panthers – a column in tweets

An entire column in Panthers-oriented tweets from @Scott_Fowler, with no item longer than 140 characters:

• If playoffs began today, Panthers would be No. 5 seed and would play at Dallas in the first round.

• New England. Brady. Belichick. “Monday Night Football.” This is the most anticipated Panthers home game since 2008.

• Something’s gotta give: Points scored by Patriots in their past game: 55. Points allowed by Panthers in past five games combined: 57.

• Panthers plan to wear black jerseys and silver pants on “MNF,” not popular “black-on-black” combo. Small chance pants color could change.

• Last time Panthers played this big of a prime-time regular season game, Jon Gruden was the opposing coach. The game helped him get fired.

• That was Panthers vs. Tampa Bay in 2008. Now Gruden will be key analyst on “MNF” for this game.

• I bet either/both Panthers-Saints games (Dec. 8 and 22) will get “flexed” from current 1 p.m. kickoffs to 4 or 8:30 p.m. starting times.

• 49ers in 2nd half Sunday: 45 total yards. 4 punts. 1 lost fumble, 1 interception, zero points. Ridiculously good Panthers D.

• There was no Colin “Kaepernicking” Sunday. There was a lot of “Flat-on-his-backing.” 6 sacks by Panthers 2nd-most of year (7 vs. Giants)

• Kaepernicking to “Flat-on-his-backing” part 2: He had never been sacked more than 4x in a game in his career until Sunday (6 by Panthers)

• New England 8th in NFL in scoring (26 ppg). Panthers No. 2 in scoring D (12.8 ppg), have allowed only 9 TDs in 9 games.

• Panthers coach Ron Rivera noted Monday that team had 5 defensive rookies playing at same time in parts of game Sunday vs. 49ers.

• This is what a great team defensive effort looks like: six different Panthers shared team’s six sacks vs. 49ers.

• The biggest difference between Seattle and 49ers games: Panthers recovered their late fumbles this time.

• Cam Newton had zero pass completions of more than 20 yards Sunday. That won’t cut it vs. New England.

• Spreading the wealth: Neither the Panthers nor New England has a receiver in the top 40 in the NFL in reception yardage.

• Patriots often show up at key times in Panthers history: Seifert’s last game in 2001 in front of 50,000 empty seats; ’03 Super Bowl; now.

• I tweeted out a trivia question Sunday night to Panthers fans. The answer was former quarterback Dameyune Craig.

• Out of the blue, Craig then quickly tweeted me and said “thanks.” He is co-offensive coordinator for 9-1 Auburn Tigers now.

• If you are on Twitter, must-follow Observer Panthers writers are @Joseph Person, @jjones9 and @tomsorensen.

• Weird but true: Panthers lost 13 straight coin flips in 2012. They are on a current streak of eight straight coin-flip wins.

• When Steve Smith said following the Seattle loss in Week 1 the two would see each other again “deep in January,” he may have been right.