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2013 Memories: Grass-roots boxing promoter

The boxing matches you see on TV are slick and glittery, usually from a casino, often with celebrities at ringside.

The boxing you see in Charlotte lacks glitter, gambling and celebrities. The same 200 people show up. Local cards are ma and pa events.

So it was no surprise to see Bellonora McCallum’s mom and dad selling tickets inside the door at CenterStage in NODA.

McCallum is an attorney and boxing promoter, and her show at CenterStage was the best I’ve seen in Charlotte in at least two years. In the ring there was sweet science and swift knockouts.

Outside the ring there was Humpy Wheeler. When the sound system failed, he asked for volunteers to sing the National Anthem, and one of the ring girls did.

Boxing is constant improvisation. Wheeler is good at it. So is McCallum. Her mom and dad probably have learned to be, too. Tom Sorensen

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