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It’s snowing in Charlotte and not New York? C’mon, man

The weather, the weather, the weather. It is all that people have talked about for months regarding this Super Bowl.

And so then I fly out of Charlotte to New York on Monday night – and it snows in the Queen City before it snows here?! C’mon, man.

It has been cold since I landed, though. I rarely have a chance to get out my heavy coat, but it will be in serious rotation for the next week. The forecast for Super Bowl Sunday remains pretty good by New York/New Jersey standards for this time of year: a high in the 30s and game-time temperatures in the 20s. There is little chance of snow.

• The NFL held Super Bowl media day Tuesday at Prudential Center, which is where the New Jersey Devils play hockey. Part of the festivities included a Bruce Springsteen tribute band called Tramps Like Us.

• Kudos to the Panthers for doing the right thing and extending coach Ron Rivera’s contract through 2017. Stability is good at this point in the Panthers’ life, and Rivera deserved that.

• This is the first Super Bowl since 1990 in which the league’s highest-scoring offense (Denver) faces the club that allowed the fewest points (Seattle). It has happened four times previously, and three times the No. 1 defense has been the team that won.

• If you are looking for an NFL book that really pulls the curtain aside and lets you into a player’s life, you should read Nate Jackson’s memoir called “Slow Getting Up.” Jackson was an obscure tight end and wide receiver for Denver in the 2000s, but he’s a fine writer and this is one heck of an unvarnished book (and very R-rated – do not give it to your 10-year-old).