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The art of the mix

Photo by Nathan Abplanalp Photography

Coordinating bridesmaids dresses is tricky business. More often than not you are working with a variety of different body types, skin tones, haircuts and, of course, opinions. I really love the current trend to mix-and-match bridesmaids dresses. It makes wedding photos look more interesting and it allows everyone in the bridal party to feel unique and comfortable. Here are a few tips to help you master the art of the mix:

Before you go out dress hunting, pick out either one color or a color scheme to choose dresses from. For instance, you could choose different shades of blue or you could decide to go with different colors that compliment each other. I’m obsessed with muted colors right now for bridal parties like blush and other neutrals.

Once you’ve picked out the colors, decide which part you are going to mismatch. It could be the dress styles, fabric, length, textures or even hair and accessories. Heck, I’ve seen some daring brides mismatch everything and make it work!

Now, let your bridesmaids pick out the dresses. If you are a control freak like me, you might be trembling in fear but rest assured your maids know their bodies better than anyone. You can offer to shop with them or create a swatch card with your color scheme, sample fabrics, desired dress length and even picture inspiration. A card like this will help guide your gals to dress success.

After you’ve got the dresses picked out, choose an element to help tie everyone together. It could be a hair accessory, bouquet color, jewelry or even a cute pair of shoes. This common thread will make the overall look more complete.

Not sure where to shop? Bella Bridesmaid and J. Crew offer a wide variety of color and style options that are mix ready. I’m also in love with this BHLDN dress that your maids can tie in different ways.