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Steve Smith, child fan appear on Good Morning America

Steve Smith was touched by video of a Matthews boy named Gavin bursting into tears upon learning Smith was released from the Panthers and promised to do something ‘neat’ for young Gavin.

Gavin, his father and sister all appeared on Good Morning America on Thursday morning, alongside Steve Smith. Smith offered Gavin some Ravens gear. Though Gavin seemed unsure of switching team alliances, he delightedly flung his arms open wide to hug his favorite wide receiver when Smith appeared on the set.

In the video, when his dad, Matt Simone, asks Gavin, “Who are we going to cheer for on Sundays now?” Gavin wails, “Nobody!”

In fact, Gavin was ready to give up on football, ranting through tears, “I don’t even want a favorite team!”

Gavin’s little sister is a little more calm about the change saying she’ll cheer for Cam Newton. “I love Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly!”

After seeing the video, Smith used Twitter to track down Gavin, vowing to get in touch and “hook up the Lil guy.”

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