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Bill Clinton recreates popular Hilary Clinton photo: 'I'm following my leader'

Former President Bill Clinton is having a little fun on Twitter -- and, it appears, with Photoshop -- recreating a popular photo of his wife and former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.

Clinton sent a tweet Monday evening with a photo of him sitting at a desk in an airplane wearing sunglasses and looking at what appears to be a large tablet.

"I'm following my leader!," the former president tweeted.

Look closely and the image appears to be an edited version of this 2011 image from Time Magazine:

Credit: Diana Walker of Time Magazine

The original image was taken of former Secretary Clinton as she was on a C-17 headed to Tripoli. The photo became a meme, even inspiring the "Texts from Hilary" blog where people imagined what messages the former Secretary of State might send to others.

Early Tuesday, President Clinton's photo had already been retweeted more than 2,300 times and had about 3,000 favorites.