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Spring fashion trend for men: Lots of blue

Out of the four seasons, dressing for spring can pose the biggest wardrobe challenge for men. Summer has its shorts and polos. Fall has handsome plaids. Winter, masculine tweeds and wools.

Here are the must-have, warm-weather trends in men’s apparel – whether you’re a trendsetter ready to spring forward with global-inspired prints and a fresh color palette or you’re a traditionalist looking to update your signature, classic look for the season.

Blue, blue, blue

Trends: Trimmer cuts, a renewed blue in the form of indigo, patterned shorts (that hit at the top of the knee) and versatile knit ties that can look just as sharp with a plaid shirt at a barbecue as they do when they’re suited up for the office.

How-to: “Mix-and-match sport coats and trousers are the easiest thing for guys to adopt,” says Joshua Kercher, co-owner and designer at Sebastien Grey Clothiers ( “My rules are simple – good fit is No. 1. Next, keep the top darker than the bottom. The rest you can leave up to your imagination.”

A good look for late spring and summer is an indigo blue unconstructed linen blazer over white chinos, Kercher says.

Try pastels in dress shirts, polos and small accessories like ties and pocket squares.

Prints and florals

Trends: Printed shorts, especially micro-scale prints.

How-to: Jorge Valls, men’s fashion director for Nordstrom (, suggests pairing with a solid-colored polo for a can’t-go-wrong look.

“Our two favorite trends this season are modern prep – which updates traditional American sportswear through the use of bold colors and prints – and maritime, which takes inspiration from nautical classics like the striped knit or the perfect boat shoe,” says Valls.

Try incorporating a modern, tropical print shirt into your wardrobe.

Wear floral prints at your own risk. If you’re a normal guy when it comes to style, avoid going all-out, super-trendy and opt instead for a mini floral print pocket square to tuck into the breast pocket of your suit or sports coat.

Making a floral print masculine is easy so long as you keep the base colors on the piece neutral – like navy, black, gray or even white, Kercher says.

Trimmer cuts, knit ties

Trends: Update the tried and true classics in your wardrobe; bold-colored raincoats.

How-to: “The idea of a navy blazer will never go out of style, but the proportion has to be modern, which now means a little trimmer and shorter in fit,” Valls says.

Nordstrom’s 1901 skinny knit tie will add texture to your ensemble and comes in springtime colors including a nautical navy, blue, aqua or cognac.

At Forever 21 (, printed chambray shirts, bandana prints on T-shirts and structured marbled sweatpants that can be worn with a pair of sneakers for a casual street look.