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Summer Style for the Groom

Authentic Exposure

It’s finally May, which means the hot summer months are right around the corner. If you are having a summer wedding outside, you’re groom maybe wondering what to wear. While a tux always looks dapper, it’s not quite the summer look we’re going for (not to mention he’ll be sweating up a storm!) Here are a few ideas for your groom so he can be stylish while staying cool:

Tan & Tailored

I always love a nicely tailored suit and for this spring and summer I’m loving grooms in tan. It’s a little less traditional than navy and the lighter color with keep your husband-to-be much cooler in the summer heat. With this option he can still wear a jacket and look super polished. The key to this look is making sure the suit fits like a glove so make sure your guy has a good tailor.

Southern Seersucker

Seersucker fabric is a southern staple. Why? Because its lightweight, breathable quality is a godsend on our hottest days. I absolutely love the option of a seersucker suit for a groom or groomsmen. It definitely adds some southern charm to any wedding party. If you choose to go with a seersucker look, make sure to pair it with a crisp white shirt and what else but a bow tie. You literally can’t wear seersucker without a bowtie

Country Casual

In the past few years, there has been a huge trend toward laidback barn weddings. If your wedding is more of a casual, outdoor affair, have your groom ditch the blazer. Opt for a fitted pair of pants, a white collared shirt and a pair of suspenders. The suspenders tie the whole look together and add a little vintage flair. He could decide to complete the look with a bowtie or keep it simple without a tie.