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For Charlotte, no records (probably) but plenty warm

The warm weather that is covering the Carolinas this week probably won’t be record-setting but will provide the region with a real taste of summer.

A daily dose of temperatures in the upper 80s is in the forecast, and meteorologists say we could pass the 90-degree mark Thursday.

No precipitation is expected until the weekend, and even then, it will be spotty.

“There’s an upper ridge of high pressure over the area, and it should be a quiet week,” said Larry Gabric, chief meteorologist at the National Weather Service’s office in Greer, S.C. “It’ll be a quiet but warm week.”

Record high temperatures for Charlotte this week are in the mid-90s, and forecasters don’t expect afternoon readings to get quite that high. But Gabric said temperatures will be well above the average high at this time of year of 77 degrees.

A weak cold front pushed south into the Charlotte area before daybreak Tuesday but quickly retreated north. Gabric said the cooler air will be pushed even farther north as the week progresses.

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