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Spray Tanning Tips for the Bride

Spray tanning can be a great option for brides who want a little bit of a glow on their big day but don’t want to spend hours in the sun. However, the risk of looking like an Oompa Loompa is very real. This past weekend I got a spray tan before heading to the beach and absolutely loved it. Here’s a little bit of my experience:

My ExperienceFirst of all, I got my spray tan at South Beach Tanning and used their Versa Spa Pro tanning booth. I’m pretty fair skinned and I opted for the medium color. I decided to go with the clear color only instead of adding the instant bronze. The only difference is that the bronze shows up right after and the clear by itself takes about 4 hours to develop color. I’m not a fan of the added bronze because it leaves stains on sheets and clothes.

The booth was easy to use and heated (a nice bonus). It sprays you four times as it directs you to turn in four different positions and dries you after each pass. After it was done, I simply put on my clothes and went on my merry way. When I woke up the next day I have a nice tan color that wasn’t orange at all. It lasted about a week and faded evenly. All in all, I’m definitely planning on using Versa Spa again. I would definitely recommend it over Mystic Tan booths.

Here are a few tips if you decide to get a spray tan before your big day:- Do a trial run! I recommend trying it out before you actually do it for your wedding. This way you can see if you really like it and decide on the right color.- When getting it done for your wedding day, go a few days before your actual wedding. I found that the tan looked more natural after a day or two.- Make sure you exfoliate and shave before going and getting the spray tan done. This will help the tan go on evenly and last longer.- Don’t shower or work-out for at least 8 hours afterwards. I got mine done around 6pm and didn’t shower until the next morning. The longer you wait, the safer your new tan. - Going lighter is always better. For your wedding, you don’t want to look overly tan. Choose a light, subtle color that’s just enough to give you a soft glow. - If it doesn’t feel comfortable, don’t do it. Your wedding day look should be all about enhancing your natural beauty, not changing it.