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Franklin Graham's sister, Ruth, echoes his conservative views

Franklin Graham gets most of the headlines, but there's apparently another outspoken political conservative in his famous family.

And I'm not talking about his sister Anne Graham Lotz, the Raleigh-based evangelist who recently gave the keynote address at the National Day of Prayer Task Force event in Washington, D.C. (She was the honorary chair).

No, I mean Ruth Graham, the middle child of Billy and Ruth Graham and the founder of Ruth Graham Ministries.

Most of her books -- including "In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart" and "Fear Not Tomorrow: God is Already There" -- are personal and Bible-focused.

But in her blog, the Virginia-based Graham, a lively writer, has been more bold in expressing her conservative views about politics and the culture.

In one, she wrote about her friendship with right-leaning pundit Glenn Beck (She invited him and his family to Billy Graham's 95th birthday party in Asheville last November).

In another, she shared her low opinion of Hollywood and reported that she had walked out of "Noah" because she found the box office hit unbiblical. "The movie is horrible," she wrote.

And in her latest, posted Monday (May 12, 2014), she offers a litany of opinions on everything from government waste, including "entitlements," to the Democratic Party ("A major party boos God," she writes, referring to an incident at the 2012 DNC in Charlotte).

She quotes former Gov. Mike Huckabee, a past and maybe future GOP presidential candidate, and charges that Christians are attacked for their convictions. "Tolerance is permitted for everyone but Christians," she writes. "Mohammed is to be revered, but Jesus can be mocked. Does anyone else have a problem with this?"