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If the Shoe Fits

Emily Chidester Photography

Before you go to your first wedding gown fitting there’s one thing you need to find - the right pair of shoes. Take it from Cinderella, shoes can be pretty important and they will be very important when achieving the perfect hemline on your dress. Whether you are a heel lover or want to stay comfortable in flats, there are now more bridal shoe options than ever.

For brides who want a little extra oomph, a pretty pair of heels can certainly put a spring in your step. However, from the aisle to the last dance, weddings can be a lengthy affair and heels might not be the most practical option. If your heart is set on a little height, choosing heels with a heel height of 3” or less can help your comfort level. For any heels higher than 3”, choose a pair with a platform. Actresses on the red carpet always opt for platform heels because the platform helps put less strain on the foot.

So what happens if you are having an outdoor wedding and want to wear heels? Wedges are the perfect solution. Wedges offer height and make it easy to walk in the grass without your heels digging in. Wedges are perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

Don’t get me wrong, not every bride has to wear heels or wedges. Flats or sandals can be just as cute while also delivering more comfort. Kate Spade and J. Crew usually offer sparkly cute sandals and ballet flats. For something different, some brides opt for Toms. Toms shoes offer a variety of designs for brides to choose from and it’s an added bonus that they go to provide a child in need with their own pair of shoes. Right now I’m especially loving the crocheted Toms.

Whether you go with heels or flats, bridal shoes are an area to have a little fun. Add a pop of color or choose a pair with sparkly detailing. In most cases, your shoes will be hidden under the dress so don’t be afraid to take a risk!