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Meet Blair. He runs for homeostasis.

Hi, I’m Blair and I run for essentially one reason. Homeostasis. If you’ve met me then my food and craft beer obsession is readily apparent at the outset. I also drink a lot of coffee (while this is in no way relevant to this piece, I do feel obligated to mention it).

Developing a habit for yoga or working out has always been a struggle for me. However, putting on a pair of sneakers and some headphones has always come easy. I just simply mashed the two ideas together. Food and beer meet running. Homeostasis.


The social nature of the run group or the 5k (or the food trucks and beer often at running events) is my jam. While not necessarily my main motivation for running it is welcome side effect that I have embraced with both arms (and feet).

Whatever makes you lace them up and go for a run, embrace it and just go. Here’s to your next great run. Cheers!


What's your motivation to run? 

Blair Primis is the Director of Marketing at OrthoCarolina and a member of Team Run Charlotte Run.