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Running Partners: "What's said on the greenway, stays on the greenway."

Having a running partner can be an amazing tool for accountability and motivation. Whether you are just getting started or a veteran runner, a running buddy can serve as a catalyst to take your running to a new (and more enjoyable!) level.

I have always been more of a solo runner but recently I began meeting a friend weekly for a run and it's been the best thing to happen to my running in years. I have not only blasted through a plateau in my running but also developed a really special friendship over the course of the miles we've logged together. Our runs are now one of my favorite times of the week and I'm feeling more motivated than ever to get on the road and back to racing!

I wanted to hear from others about how running partners impact their running. I reached  to members of the Omega Nation to get their take on the topic.


"I honestly think I would not be a runner without a group - this group in particular! No way would I get up to run by myself at 6:30 on a Saturday morning and no way would I continue to sign up for half marathons if it weren't for all of these friends. These special people keep me going and push me to do better than I think I can." - Amy Tennyson

"Running with a group creates not only accountability but a bond with your fellow runners that is hard to describe. The friendships that start out as just running buddies turns into a friendship that can never be broken. No matter if you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out your running buddies are there for you to go and lace up your shoes and go for a run. They push you to places where you never thought you could go."  - Jim Scharff

"Running with a group is key for me - there is accountability but there is also that sense of shared experience, that not everyone understands. When I was training for my first marathon, my running partners knew more about me than my husband   When you are together for hours on end, you get to know each other VERY well - and the beauty of that is, "what is said on the Greenway, stays on the Greenway" - Kimberlee Shukes


"Because I had made myself accountable to others  through a simple "yes" or "sure" or "I'm in" when they asked if anyone wo uld come along on their training, I ended up moving from 10K's, to many multiple half marathons, a marathon and now triathlons. I am still learning to improve my run, my bike and my swim.  But, along the way, I was surprised to discover that others held themselves accountable to me as much as I did to them!   So, its a two way street, with all of us supporting and quietly helping each other." - Gray Little


"Running with the team is everything to me, now. They are my social outlet, my stress relief, and definitely my biggest motivator. Running partners made me faster; they wake me up in the mornings (literally! ); they keep me optimistic if I'v e had a bad workout. Hearing their stories inspires me and encourages me to chase some fun stories of my own. This team is the reason I went from a one-time marathoner to a marathon addict and Ironman finisher. They push me to race more, push harder, do things I used to think were crazy, and to stick with this lifestyle." - Dominique Carmichael 

Do you have a running partner? What impact has it made on your running?