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Runner Spotlight: Runner & Group Fitness Instructor Minnie Wilder

Meet our latest runner spotlight, Minnie Wilder. This vivacious, full of life runner and group exercise instructor is well known in the Charlotte fitness community. When she's not on the road participating in group runs and training for her next race, you can find Minnie decked out in her favorite Lululemon gear at the Childress Klein YMCA where she teaches cycle and BodyPump.

Minnie began running 15 years ago because she was ready for a new challenge. Over the course of her running career she has logged impressive times in her favorite race distance, the half marathon,  and she qualified for Boston in 2012 when she ran the Rock n' Roll Marathon. It was her first (and only!) marathon.

Get to know Minnie and check out her classes at the Y!

Name: Minnie Wilder

What is your day job: Account Manager/Sales

How long have you been running: 15 years

How did you get into running: I wanted a new hobby

What’s your favorite race distance: Half marathon

What’s your favorite local running route: Uptown

What style of running shoes do you wear: Neutral/Karhus


What’s your must-have running gear: Lululemon!

What’s your favorite music to run to: Playlists from my cycle classes

Are you a morning, lunch break or evening runner: EARLY morning

What’s one food you couldn’t live without: Ice cream

What’s your favorite place to hang out/refuel after a run: Starbucks

What’s your favorite way to cross train: I run 3 days a week, do BodyPump for strength training and a deep stretch class weekly


What’s your proudest running achievement: I qualified for Boston in my first marathon


What’s your best running advice: Never get discouragedrun like the wind.