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Rock Hill church victim of break-in for second time this month

Someone broke into a Rock Hill church on Tuesday, causing $400 in damage and stealing $40 in change from the pastor’s office, police said.

It was the second time in three weeks that Calvary Baptist Church on Jones Avenue has been the victim of a break-in.

This week, a church representative told police that someone had pulled the screens off of two windows, rummaged through several rooms and damaged two cabinets as they apparently tried to break into them, according to a Rock Hill police report.

The pastor’s office was broken into, and a large jug of coins had been spilled onto a table.

Other than about $40 in change, nothing of value was taken.

On Aug. 5, someone broke into Calvary Baptist’s food pantry and stole $50 worth of food, leaving behind an empty bag of doughnuts, an empty can of peaches and an uneaten microwave meal, according to a police report.

Someone had broken a window to enter the pantry building a block away on Cauthen Street.

Ricky Hinson, director of Calvary Baptist’s Food Relief Ministry, said the box of food that was taken was one of those that the pantry gives away to those in need every Friday and Saturday.