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10 Ways You Can Make It Through a Football-less Week

Football is back, but unfortunately your favorite team only takes the field once a week. We know the struggle of going through those long, painful, boring days counting down to kickoff, which is why we're here. Through Friday, September 26th, at participating restaurants, Bojangles' wants to help you get from kickoff to kickoff with our limited-time Football-Shaped Bo-Berry Biscuits. You don't need to wait until Thursday night or the weekend for football. Come on in and try a Football-Shaped Bo-Berry Biscuit today.

Here are 10 other ways you can make football season part of every day.

1. Eye black with your business casual

The khakis-and-tie combo is a timeless classic, but everybody’s doing it. Change it up and throw on some eye black to support your team. This more intimidating look may get you that raise you’ve been wanting for so long.

2. Mall shopping with football pads

Are you tired of being cut in line at the mall? Nip that in the bud, bud, by wearing full football pads. Nobody will interfere as you tackle your shopping list.

3. Juking in the hallway

This one should be self-explanatory: “Look! Look here! It's me going to the bathro---NOPE. Getting water from the water fountainooooo I'm not! I'm just going to the elevator and meeting my daughter for lunch! JUKED YA!"

4. Grocery shop with cleats on

The grocery store can be a dangerous place on a Saturday afternoon. Parents are flying around with heavy cart...trying desperately to collect their shopping list items before the kids venture too far. Navigate this treacherous terrain a little easier by wearing football cleats. Traction makes all the difference.

5. Put your kids in TV timeout

Kids these days...with their skinny jeans and Beats headphones. Teach respect by putting your teenager in TV timeout. It’s like a regular timeout – only way longer. Don’t actually put them in front of a TV, or it won’t be much of a timeout.

6. Locker room showers just because

There’s nothing like an NFL locker room after a big win. Players chant and cheer as they take showers of victory before speaking with the media. You can do this too at your local gym. Sure, there aren’t any other players with you, you didn’t just win a nationally televised game, and no media is waiting to speak with you, but you can still chant and cheer like a pro.

7. Obnoxious touchdown celebrations as you complete trivial tasks

Next time you take out the trash – spike the bag into the dumpster. Next time you clean out your car – crank some tunes and give your neighbors some freestyle dance moves. Next time you throw out expired food – flex those biceps and tell your pet you’re un-guardable.

8. Football Pants Tuesday

So you call yourself a fan? Would you do anything for your team? Perfect. Start wearing skin-tight football pants every Tuesday to support the cause of victory. Sure, “athletes” may make a few sacrifices here and there, but real teammates sacrifice their reputation at work.

9. Drink sports drink without exercising first

The electrolytes found in sports drinks are necessary for the body to perform optimally...or something like that. You may not be tackling 230 lb. running backs or 40-yard-dashing to intercept a Hail Mary pass, but you still need nutrients to make it through the work day. Eight hours is longer than one. Professional athletes don’t know that kind of fatigue.

10. Tailgate the break room coffee line

We all know the person that takes their sweet time in the break room coffee line. Fill cup. Cream. Sugar. Stir. Done. What are they possibly doing? Pass the time by tailgating the whole process. Except instead of heading into the game to scream for your team, you head back to your cubicle in silence. In fact, you can tailgate everything. Find out more at

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