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10 More Ways You Can Make It Through a Football-less Week

Football is back, but unfortunately your favorite team only takes the field once a week. We know the struggle of going through those long, painful, boring days counting down to kickoff, which is why we're here. Through Friday, September 26th, at participating restaurants, Bojangles' wants to help you get from kickoff to kickoff with our limited-time Football-Shaped Bo-Berry Biscuits. You don't need to wait until Thursday night or the weekend for football. Come on in and try a Football-Shaped Bo-Berry Biscuit today.

Here are 10 more other ways you can make football season part of every day. See part I here.

1. Hire an offensive line to protect your parking spot

Does your apartment have limited parking? Are you scared to leave in fear of your spot being gone when you return? Solution: hire an offensive line to protect what’s yours. It may not stop trucks and SUVS, but those pesky sedans will leave you alone forever.

2. Declare free agency after you quit your job

The term “quit” can be pretty off-putting to potential new employers. Ice it over by declaring free agency when you decide to change jobs. Sometimes it’s just not the right fit, right?

3. Taunt other drivers in traffic

Next time somebody cuts you off – complain to the invisible ref. Somebody honks their horn? Let them know you can’t hear them. When you finally get home, show your family the trophy, traffic champ.

4. Pump fake a handshake

Quarterbacks do the pump fake to “fake out” defensive players. It’s effective and it’s fun. If you aren’t commanding an offense in a stadium of 70,000, you can get the same thrill another way. Simply go in for the handshake with any new acquaintance and quickly pull your hand away. Finish up by saying “HAHA” and running away. You win.

5. Execute a QB sneak to get out of the house to get ice cream

The sneak isn’t reserved for just quarterbacks. That part is only a suggestion. Do your own version by “going to check the mail” for about an hour and “coming back inside” with that ice cream craving satisfied. TOUCHDOWN. Nobody has to know.

6. Wear referee stripes out to dinner

Stripes look great on you. Everybody knows it. Why should referees and Foot Locker employees be the only ones allowed to sport the white and black? Throw on your referee outfit and hit up some appetizers with your buddies. Live a little.

7. Give your own Two-Minute Warning

It’s Rude with a capital R to leave anywhere in a hurry. Prevent this social crime by giving a friendly Two-Minute Warning to everybody you see before leaving any one location. It keeps people on the same page and most of all – it’s the right thing to do.

8. Football helmet > bicycle helmet

Bicycle helmets are great, but what happens if you fall on your face? Protect those beautiful features by cruising with a football helmet instead. Heck, throw in a mouth guard. You can never be too careful.

9. Call an audible when your significant other makes bad plans

Sometimes the quarterback sees something the coach can’t see from the sideline, so he calls an audible to save the play. Sometimes your significant other buys you both tickets to a stupid concert, so you call an audible to save yourself. “Honey, the only concert I want to hear is your beautiful voice.”

10. Tailgate opening college acceptance letters

Your son or daughter’s life could change by opening this envelope. Is it a large envelope? Is it a small envelope? What does this mean? It means nothing, because you’ve got a drink in your hand, a smile on your face and you’re undefeated at corn hole today. Tailgating acceptance letters is great, but don’t feel limited. You can tailgate everything. Find out more at

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