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Fantasy football column: Week 1 not always indicator of season

Congratulations! We made it through week one! Those of us who have played through a season before are familiar with either the thrill of victory or the sour taste of defeat. For me, it was the former as I won games in all three of the fantasy leagues I play in. Whichever you are feeling now, don’t dwell on it too much. There’s still a full season left to play.

Last week’s article mainly served as a crash course in fantasy football for those who had no idea what I was talking about. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I finally get to dig into this season in particular and can start doing my best to give you the keys to victory. Each weekly column will consist of a brief recap of the previous week, some highlighted players to add/drop, and a few predictions and recommendations for the coming weeks’ games. So without further ado

Week 1 Lesson: Don’t Panic: Chances are that at least one player on your team was a massive disappointment. Stars like the Packers’ Eddie Lacy, the Chiefs’ Jamaal Charles, Zac Stacy of the Rams, and Dez Bryant of the Cowboys all posted miserable numbers. Now is not the time to bail on your stars. Stick to your guns, and reap the rewards later.

That being said, there might be someone in your league who is not as wise as you (or maybe not as lucky to have me giving you the ideas). So if you can find someone who is livid at Eddie Lacy and is willing to trade you for Knowshon Moreno (134 yds, TD), do it. A move like that will set you up for the rest of this season.

Add/Drop: As I said, you should not look to drop anyone this early in the season. You’d hate for them to overcome a rough start and become a star, a star who you dumped. However, Week 1 has already provided us with some names to target on the waiver wire. Many experts are recommending you pick up wide receivers Kelvin Benjamin of the Panthers and Allen Hurns of the Jaguars. Here are a few of my recommendations:

• Deandre Hopkins (HOU WR): The former Clemson standout is poised for a great year as the number two receiver in a Houston offense that simply has too much talent to fail yet again.

• Lamar Miller (MIA RB): Last year was supposed to be Miller’s grand unveiling, but a struggling Miami offense ruined that. Your opponents will likely jump on Moreno after seeing the up-tempo Miami offense under Bill Lazor. Both are solid options, but take Miller now and look great later.

• The Saints defense: This unit got a lot hype in the offseason with the addition of safety Jairus Byrd from Buffalo only to get blown out in week one by a high-powered Atlanta offense. A matchup at home against the Browns should put this unit back on top. Not to mention the Saints take it to a whole new level in the Superdome.

Next Week: Here are some players with either favorable or unfavorable matchups for next week.

• Anyone playing the Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys had the second worst defense in NFL history last year and have since lost many players with talent to injuries or free agency. Their defense should be a cornucopia of fantasy points for their opponents this season. This makes Jake Locker and his WR duo of Wright and Hunter an appealing option for this week.

• Washington and Oakland also will field atrocious defenses this season. Watch Toby Gerhart of the Jaguars (vs. Washington) and Hopkins (vs. Oakland) do well this week.

• As much as it pains me to say this, keep the Panthers defense on your bench this week against Detroit. The Panthers will likely get a few sacks but they will likely be gouged through the air by Calvin Johnson and company. Carolina still has question marks in the secondary, and though I believe guys like Antoine Cason will make this defense elite later on, the Lions’ passing attack is far from a favorable matchup.

Please let me know what you think of these predictions or feel free to send in a question regarding a trade or other decision! I’d love to have a little Q&A section here as well, so email me at