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Dogs of NoDa Run Club

I made my way over to the NoDa Brewing Run Club on Wednesday night to talk running with dogs. The NoDa Brewing Run Club is a dog friendly event and there were many runners in attendance with their pups diong everything from walking the one-mile route to running five.

Bringing your four-legged friend along for your run is beneficial for both parties. You share not only a workout but also important bonding and socialization time. And remember, a tired dog is a good dog!

This is the first in a series of stories about running with your dog. In the future we'll provide tips on running with your dog, dealing with other dogs on the run and we'll also hear first hand accounts from other runners about their experiences running with their dogs. Today, I have video footage to share from the NoDa Brewing Run Club. You can check out the photo gallery on Facebook.

We want to hear your story! Tell us why your pup is your favorite running partner. Send pics and stories to