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Week 2 left many shakeups in NFL

Wow. What a crazy week for fantasy football. Players were dropping like flies, ESPN’s SportsCenter looked like an episode of Judge Judy, upsets were happening right and left, and just about all of my picks for this week executed a perfect faceplant.

In the words of Jeff Bridges in True Grit, “Well that didn’t pan out.”

My bad guys. My bad. If you don’t trust me after my predictions from last week, hopefully you’ll trust my now 5-1 record this season. If it makes you feel any better, experts spoke highly of Kelvin Benjamin and Allen Hurns last week only to see them fade away in Week 2.

We’ve got a lot to discuss, so let’s get to it.

Week 2 Lesson: You Can Start to Panic After Next Week:

Some of Week 1’s bummers (Dez Bryant, Zac Stacy) were able to overcome that slow start in Week 2 and remind their owners why they paid such a high price for them on draft day. Others, like Eddie Lacy and Jamaal Charles have yet to show any signs of life yet. Others, like my first-round pick Matt Forte hit a brick wall after a great opening day performance. My message is the same as it was last week, stick to your guns and poach a star player from one of your opponent’s if you can. Remember, it’s a game of matchups and that this will likely play a role in a slow or fast start. For example, the aforementioned Lacy and Charles have together played four solid defenses thus far, particularly Lacy. Factor in these matchups before you do anything rash.

Week 2 Add/Drop:

Justin Forsett (BAL RB): Ray Rice is a goner and Bernard Pierce fumbled the job (quite literally) in Week 1. Look for him to improve over his 56 yards against the Steelers.

Kirk Cousins (WAS QB): There’s no solid word out of Washington on what RG3’s status will be after dislocating his ankle, but Cousins will get the start in the meantime. He plays in a division with sorry defenses and has the weapons around him to do some damage, especially if Desean Jackson’s injury turns out to be minimal. A Week 3 meeting with the Eagles should be a great start.

Jonathan Stewart (CAR RB): Stewart was the only Carolina RB left standing after Sunday’s victory. DeAngelo Williams is set to return next week, but Stewart is showing that he can make the most of his opportunities, and it seems they will keep coming. He’s worth an add in deeper leagues.

Josh Gordon (CLE WR): It’s probably too late since he should’ve been added by now anyways. A star WR last year, he’s selling cars in Cleveland now after being suspended by the NFL. But that will change in 6-8 weeks after the league reassess its substance abuse policy.

Ahmad Bradshaw (IND RB): Trent Richardson is turning out to be a flop, and there are RB fantasy points a-plenty to be found in a game where the Colts will likely grab a lead early against the Jags and seek to run down the clock.

Jared Cook (STL TE): The Cowboys have given up 3 TDs to opposing TEs in their past few games. Combine that the fact that inexperienced QBs often lean on their TE, and you’re looking at what could be a bargain buy.

Week 3 Matchups:

Bills vs. Chargers: CJ Spiller and Sammy Watkins found their rhythm last week against a respectable Dolphins defense. Look for them to exploit a porous San Diego unit in the cold up north.

Panthers Defense: I was wrong last week. Very wrong. The fact that the Panthers were able to manhandle the Lions in such a fashion makes them an every-week play, with the only exception being a Week 14 trip to the Big Easy.

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