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Laser tag coming to Lake Wylie

Lakeside West shopping center on Charlotte Highway is expanding.

Lake Wylie Bowl N’ Bounce is adding a 4,500-square-foot laser tag space onto its back east corner, behind Fuzzy Peach. If the laser tag facility were a separate tenant, it would be the third largest in the shopping center.

The new facility entrance will be at Bowl N’ Bounce and will double the arcade space.

“We’ll lose a little bit of space out of our bounce area, but our bounce area is big enough,” said owner Darrin Skinner. “We’re not losing any bounce houses.”

Construction is scheduled to begin soon with laser tag opening in January. It will have three party rooms and accommodate up to 24 players. Bowl N’ Bounce is popular for adults and the bounce room for young children. The new facility will bring in middle schoolers and young adults.

“It kind of rounds out the audience,” Skinner said. “The same crowd who wants to play laser tag wants to play in the arcade, too.”

The area where laser tag will go is used for deliveries to Fuzzy Peach and Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails. Pet store manager Joanne Styslinger says that could be the only issue. However, she said being flanked by Bowl N’ Bounce and Cherry, an Asian restaurant, draws new traffic to her store. She said growth for them is good for her.

“A lot of people come in and say, ‘I didn’t know there was a pet supply store here,’” Styslinger said.

Bowl N’ Bounce has seen an increase in league participation, as well as more bounce area use and more food sales since opening in summer 2012. Among the most popular offerings are combo packages, where customers can bowl and bounce for a set price. Skinner hopes to add new combo or all-inclusive options when laser tag opens.

“We’ve always been really conscientious about the cost of entertainment for a family,” he said.