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Runner Spotlight: Isabella's Dream Team Coach Tom Patania

This week's runner spotlight is marathoner, running coach, personal trainer and MADabolic instructor Tom Patania. He started running in 2007 and has since completed three marathons and more than a dozen half marathons.

Tom loves to give back to the running community through coaching others who have dreams of completing half and full marathons. In the past he served as a coach for USA Fit and the American Cancer Society's DetermiNation-Charlotte and is currently coaching a group for Thunder Road that is raising money for the Isabella Santos Foundation.

Tom is a fitness enthusiast and is also an AFFA certified personal trainer and a coach for MADabolic LKN.

Let's get to know Tom!

Name: Tom Patania

What is your day job: Credit Manager/Subcontracts Administrator for ESP Associates, P.A. and Coach at MADabolic LKN

How long have you been running: I’ve been running for 8+ years.

How did you get into running: I got into running with one thing in mind: the marathon (even though I could barely make it down the block at the time).

What’s your favorite race distance: Half and Full Marathon.

What’s your favorite local running route: Any route with training buddies is a favorite route, unless we got lostthen I hate it.


What’s your proudest running achievement: I’m currently coaching a group of runners and run/walkers called Isabella’s Dream Team that are training for the Thunder Road Half & Full Marathon and fundraising for The Isabella Santos Foundation. They’ve gathered close to $23K in donations so far, and the race isn’t for another 8 weeks. They are absolutely crushing it and that makes me very proud.

What style of running shoes do you wear: Adidas Boost / Sketchers GO Run 3

What’s your must-have running gear: Garmin, hat and a fresh playlist if I’m running solo.

What’s your favorite music to run to: Hip hop

Are you a morning, lunch break or evening runner: Evening for a weekday run, but definitely early morning for a long run.

What’s one food you couldn’t live without: Eggs

What’s your favorite place to hang out/refuel after a run: I like any place that makes a mean omelet and doesn’t look at me sideways when I pass on the toast.

MAD pic

What’s your favorite way to cross train: MADabolic (LKN or CLT location). It’s a perfect complement to my running schedule and my #MADlifestyle

What’s your best running advice: Start conservative. Finish strong.